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aeraeon offers a distinctive range of project management and IT consulting and support services for several industries. We’ve got the necessary tools and expertise to help you improve your business, push forward your projects and improve infomation acquisition. We partner with our clients to develop engaging project strategies, design high quality and scalable software solutions, and build up and support successfull projects.

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aeraeon offers a wide range of project management, development and  IT services to fit a wide range of businesses. Whether you’re a small, local business or a bustling multinational, we can help you succeed and already did for others. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and how aeraeon can work for you. With international experience and certified project management skills we enforce your project team so you can focus on your strong points. Our own innovative software solutions help to optimize your processes.

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  • 22. Apr. 2020, 09:00
    Aachen, Aachen, Germany
    Als Teil der Veranstaltung CExpert vermitteln wir den Kursteil Projektmanagement. Lernen Sie wie man CE Einführung als Projekt korrekt umsetzt und iwe man CE in das bestehende Projektmanagement integriert.
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Project and Process Management /
Interim Management

Work With Experts

Looking to structurize your projects or business but not sure where to turn? Need help planning or executing your next project? Let us guide you with internationally proven and certified experience in pushing projects forward. No matter if just the project analysis, setup, environment and training or long time operational support: aeraeon supports your business in the way you need.

In case you need long term support we offer you PMO services as well as interim Management.

Company wide standards and portfolio management

Achieve Your Goals

For growing companies, the largest issue more an more becomes a centrally defined set of templates, definitions and standards. Experinced in developing and rolling out these systematics, aeraeon can analyze your company and draft a company wide system and support you during rollout, create templates, do workshops and get all stakeholders on board.

Most companies are running projects (even if they don't call them so). To make your project landscape more efficient, save cost and optimize the result a Portfolio management system is the best choice. 

Both Systematics and Portfolio structures are hard to create and develop from within. We offer you our experience and ideas. By saving costs and enforcing these development we can support you to prepare for a successfull future. 

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Industry 4.0

Expert Guidance

Connecting industrial production technology with state of the art communication and network technology is a decisive ability in modernizing falcilities and keeping up with digitalization. We determine the possibilities and benefits of these technologies within your company and provide the concept, technology, planning and realization support for your own Industry 4.0 projects. Unlike many others we are independent from big companies and provide the solution fitting you best. Utilizing smart devices, RFID, Wireless and Bluetooth ... as well as necessary standard or proprietery software as well as our own Software Notyfirst we establish the infrastructure necessary to roll out your Industry 4.0 and IoT solultion.

Notyfirst - Software at your service

Collect data easier than ever

aeraeon has created a powerful tool to acquire information and let you reuse these data to strongly support your goals and get information you never were able to get before. We made it as easy as can be to accelerate CIP, create Failure and walk down reports, locate documents, keep track of progress, get rid of wating loops, ... and instantly send these information to the right recipient or post process the data. As soon as you know this tool, you will ask yourself how you could ever work without it again.

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Mac Desktop

IT Infrastructure

Ease your daily work

With years of experience in countless Industry projects, we are ready to take your's to the next level. At aeraeon, we combine our insights on how to transform projects, processes and strategies, utilizing just and only the right and necessary software. Our staff has the capabilities and experience to actually do it. No matter if SharePoint, Dynamics, Project, Planview or other mobile or desktop tools: We offer taylor made solutions and support the rollout, training and migration at your sites with a single point of contact or a whole team.

IT, Project and Process Management Training

Learn from Experts

Enforcing your Project and Process management? Need higher user skills for the software you are using? Learn from years of Experience in various projects and industries and get your Team trained to perform even better in the next project and set up tailor made processes. Any organization needs to develop and be developed. Let us encourage and empower your people to contribute.

Get in Touch
Giving a Presentation

Contact us and find how our services can benefit your company.
Call us and get and instant idea of the potential we contribute to your company.


Improving the Performance of Organizations and Projects

aeraeon manages to solve critical business issues by providing a best-in-class approach with a quality team. When it comes to the evolution of their organizations, our clients are no strangers to innovation. We help make this process easier by fostering collaboration and employee engagement. See our success projects below.

Medicine Prescription

Production Revamp (Pharma Industry - US)

Greenfield Facility Buildup  (Pharma Industry - US)

Industrial Building
Students Typing at Their Computer

Project Controlling Rollout (US)

Cloud Project Management Rollout (US)

The Wall of Ideas
Computer Store

Data Management and Collaboration Infrastruture (GER,  US)

Process Management buildup (US)

People Working in Open Office
Team Discussion

IT Department restucturing and Project Management introduction (GER)

OEM Project Management (Europe, Asia, US)

Machine in Factory
Man Hands On Keyboard

Software Development Projects (GER)

Project management Training (Ministry - GER)

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Medicine Prescription

Greenfield Facility Buildup  (Pharma Industry - US)

Process Digitalization and Optimization (GER)

Industrial Building
talking on phones


Be in touch today — and start your business on a path to success.

aeraeon Patrick Sonntag
Goethestrasse 68
D - 52499 Baesweiler

+49 2401 80 55 55

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